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Neuroscience Microscopy Service (NMS)

The NMS provides access to high-end, capital-intensive microscopy equipment that is often not available to individual labs. Our facility is located in the basement of the Lorry Lokey Stem Cell Building (SIM1), suite G0901. Take the elevator to the basement, then take your first two rights.

Click here for an NMS poster presentation on available equipment and services.

Available equipment includes:

  • confocal microscope 1 (Zeiss LSM710):
    • environmental control and DefiniteFocus for live-cell imaging,
    • computer-controlled syringe pump for interfacing with microfluidic devices,
    • four-color imaging with excitation laser lines at 405, 458, 488, 514, 568, and 633 nm.
  • confocal microscope 2 (Zeiss LSM510Meta):
    • environmental control for live-cell imaging,
    • spectral unmixing capability,
    • excitation laser lines at 405, 458, 477, 488, 514, 568, 633 nm.
  • structured illumination super-resolution microscope
    (GE/Applied Precision OMX V4):
    • SIM excitation laser lines at 405, 488, 561 nm,
    • TIRF imaging at the same wavelengths,
    • fast widefield imaging with solid state illumination 405-633 nm.
  • two two-photon microscopes (Prairie Technologies):
    • an in vivo rig, and
    • a slice rig;
    • both equipped for 2-photon imaging and simultaneous 2-photon photoactivation.
  • motorized widefield fluorescence microscope (Zeiss AxioImager):
    • dual CCD cameras: one monochrome, one color;
    • (up to) four-color multi-channel fluorescence with AxioCam HRm monochrome CCD), or
    • histological stains with AxioCam MRc color CCD camera.
  • two high-powered image analysis workstations:
    • 24 GB RAM, dual quad core processors, high-end video card running Windows 7 64-bit OS;
    • one with Imaris 3D image processing, MatLab, and Fiji;
    • one with NeuroLucida tracing software, MatLab, and Fiji.

One-on-one training is provided for all equipment. Contact us for more information. NMS provides a file server for transfering image files from our data acquisition or image analysis computers back to your lab computer.

TEM and SEM imaging can be provided through the Cell Sciences Imaging Facility (Beckman B050).

Follow the links at left for more information on the equipment and services we offer.

If you'd like to see your NMS-collected data displayed on this website, contact us!