Hippocampal Neuron Morphology

This biocytin filled neuron is a fast-spiking, parvalbumin-expressing GABAergic basket cell in the CA1 region of the mouse hippocampus. Dendrites (blue) of this cell type characteristically span through multiple hippocampal layers while their dense axonal arbor (yellow) innervates hundreds of cells in the pyramidal layer. The neuron was filled during whole-cell electrophysiological recording in a 300 µm thick acute brain slice, and, after post-hoc staining, was reconstructed using the NMS NeuroLucida workstation.

With the NMS NeuroLucida workstation you can:

  • trace entire neurons or sub-regions.
  • visualize cell morphology in three dimensions.
  • quantify process lengths.
  • analyze branching patterns.
  • quantify spine density.
image data from Dr. Csaba Földy
X, Y, and Z scale bars = 42 μm. Neuron traced on NMS's NeuroLucida workstation by Dr. Csaba Földy, Südhof lab.