Neural Networks in Chick Optic Tectum

The mosaic image below shows two networks of neurons in the optic tectum of the young chick which help mediate vision and attention. The excitatory network is immunoreactive for CamKII (green) and inhibitory network is immunoreactive for the calcium-binding protein parvalbumin (magenta).

To create the mosaic, 342 images (3 × 6 × 19 in x, y, and z, respectively) were taken with a 63× 1.4 NA Plan Apochromat objective on NMS's LSM510 Meta confocal. The z-axis was collapsed to a single plane using a maximum intensity projection, and the 18 resulting image tiles were stitched together using the open-source image analysis program, Fiji.

image data from Dr. Alex Goddard
Image data collected on NMS's LSM510 Meta confocal by Dr. Alex Goddard, Knudsen lab.