Using Our Services

For Stanford researchers, to use the resources of the Neuroscience Microscopy Service (NMS), you will need:

  • an authorized Interdepartmental Request Form (SU-13),
  • APLAC approval for any studies involving laboratory animals or tissue from them,
  • training from the NMS appropriate to the resources you wish to use.
Additionally, if you plan to use either of the two-photon microscopes, you will need to take Stanford's online laser safety training course.

Non-Stanford researchers may use the facility on a limited basis. Contact the NMS director at 650-723-8818 to make arrangements.

Follow the links at left for more information.

If you've been trained on a piece of equipment, you can schedule time on that equipment using the Online Scheduling link. For ease of use in scheduling, the online calendar pages do not have a navigation bar (because the calendars are wide). However, you can still easily navigate to the rest of the site using the "breadcrumbs" links at the top of the page.

24/7 Access Available

Once you are proficient on a piece of equipment, you can obtain off-hours access to the facility for use of that equipment. You will need to provide your med school keycard number (the first 5- or 6-digit number on the back of the keycard). Keycard activation for the facility generally takes 1-2 business days. Note that it is against Stanford policy to loan your keycard to other lab members. Keycard access to the facility is recorded, and you are responsible for any damage to equipment through misuse occurring during your off-hours access time.